Promotions and appointments made

The police department today announced the promotion of two captains, three lieutenants, six sergeants, 12 corporals and the appointment of dozens of officers, dispatchers and other employees and volunteers.

Named to captain are George Crum and Lorraine Jones; the lieutenants are John Siko, Andrew Goodrich and Mike Chlebowski; the sergeants are Daniel Castillo, Timothy Petropulos, Anthony Bogart, Tony Rios, Robert James and Kathryn Hamel and the corporals are Raymond Flores, James Bolden, Christopher Wren, Brandon Clyde, Daniel Heying, Robert Barnes, Perry Thayer, Alan Valdiserri, Kenneth Edgar and Laura Markoski.

The new officers: Ricardo Reynoso, Jesus Salazar, Jonathan Munoz, Timothy Gibert, Kyle Baas, Kevin Kirkreit, Jose Paez, Nicholas San Angelo, Michael McCaskill, Brad Fernandes, Carin Wright and Michael Yang.

The new reserve officers: Edward Contreras and Brandon Haynes; lead dispatchers, Linda Carter, Amy Worley; technical services manager, Julie Langstaff; forensic specialists, Leticia Hernandez and Victoria Mayhew, dispatcher, Dina Warner; training assistant, Patricia Arevalo; administrative assistant, Lorelei Sanborn; records clerks, Janice Lyon-Bybee and Carlene Delgado; jailers, Carlos Medina and Jon Lindsey; parking control aides, Jon Lindsey and Brandon Brown, parking control officers, Andrew Aquino and Donald Miller; senior cadet, JoEllen Robert; cadets, Kyle Halverson, Elizabeth Twardowski, Daniel Uberin, Faviola Najera, Aaron Brown, Michael Halverson, Emily McVay, Cristal Silvestre, Anthony Valle, Victoria Thayer, Sean Grant and Rene Valdes, Jr. and chaplains, Rabbi Kenneth Milhander and Pastor Jason Phillips.